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The questions I'm asked the most

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Questions / Answers

How long do sessions run?     


My shoots usually average around 1.5  hours, give or take, so I always recommend you block off two full hours just to be safe!                


How soon can I expect to get my pictures? 


I always tell my clients they should expect to see their pictures within two weeks (but it usually ends up being even sooner than that!) I pride myself on quick turn-around time.

How do I receive my pictures?


I use Pixie Set- an amazing and easy-to-use platform for photographers to share photos with their clients. All I do is send you the link and pin,  and all the photos are yours to download and share :)

How much do portrait sessions cost?

All my sessions are sold in packages. Portrait sessions start at $400 which includes shooting time, editing time, plus all the enhanced pictures for you to keep and share with others! If you would like a photo book, I make those too! Prices for those vary and start at $100.

Do you provide props?

I do not. My style is more earthy and natural, but feel free to bring your own!

How much do videos cost?

Videos are extremely unique- the perfect way to showcase your journey or remember a special event. Prices are based on consultation.

Are you available for travel?

Yes! and I love traveling, too! Any drive more than an hour from the NYC area, I charge a travel fee. As far as destinations outside of the tristate area, I ask that travel costs and accommodations are covered :)

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insta : @thememoryboxpictures

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